Lighting the matches of my story


Well…Hey there!I am new to this like a baby is to speaking but I hope that with my posts I could help at least one person a month feel like there is someone out there that understands them.I am writing to cure my scars and I would love if it could help you too.I don’t really want to say my name I chose a pseudonym though “Fire”.

I have recently started listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and while I was listening to one of their songs(I could die for you) I got the idea of starting this blog.I like talking about me I don’t feel the need to hide that but as much as this blog is about my story it’s not for me but for anyone that ever felt like they were alone,weren’t enough or too much,for people that felt they lost control,that lost themselves and that sometimes just need to see that they are not the only ones going through hard times and that they are strong and can deal with anything and that they are understood and that even when you are really down like I was you can get up start again and burn brighter than before!

Shut your storm inside your brain,read the words of my soul’s flame.Let’s burn together

 Just like a slow dance on Stadium Arcadium

Like getting to know an alien

Just like dancing on the beach while singing She is only 18

Being always happy sounds magical but it’s just a dream

I could have lied and tell myself it’s possible

But there is no going back to where I put my trust in stories

I am unrecognizable

I got drowned in worries

So I write those poems day and night

It’s the only way I can fight

The voices that scream inside my head

That I am not worth listening

So if they don’t want to hear me talk

To read my words they might want

So here is the story from the matches to the spark to the ashes

My story,Fire’s story


Light your matches,



Author: firesstory

In love with Red Hot Chili peppers recently. Fave songs:Stadium Arcadium,Charlie,Fire,She is only 18,I could die for you,I could have lied,Californication,Suck my kiss,Snow de la RHCP ,Sorry,Bad at love,Walls could talk-Halsey,Tata-Neli, everything Ed Sheeran,Where’s the revolution Depeche Mode,Summit,Fuck that,Stranger,The Devil’s Den- Skrillex . Fave movie Good Will Haunting. Love writing poems

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