Random words

Unknown meanings

Like soul’s birds

Fly those feelings

I look around

For inspiration

Look at the way

I press those letters


So far so good

Don’t press them all the same

Even though I should…

Looked at my phone

My fears distracted me

So that I won’t see

That what has been controlling my bones

Was in fact not me

I am scared of dogs

Only when they start to bark

Get scared to sleep

Only when it’s pitch dark

Suddenly become aware of my existence

After an eye-contact

Become so afraid to talk

When so many people watch

Only need to hide from people

On whom I hold a grudge

Checked my phone again

In fear and in despair

Of being left out

Or forgotten about

Fear to appear rude

Or seem like I don’t care

Life is no fair game

They can assume I lie

Why do I even try?

Should I just say goodbye?

Oh, once again got off topping

What was I saying though?

I was going with something

Ugh I need to read again

Bla,bla something, something fears

Oh that’s right

I was talking about how

I turn from a knight

Into a little shy butterfly

Who is scared of the night

And I wing my way to the sweet light that attracts me

Unaware of the fact that the fire will consume me

And I try plenty of paths

So many feelings

And through my wishes

Breathe feebly the souls of my unforgiving fears

It seems like hope it’s here

Well it’s not

It seems like someone cares

But they don’t…

So I ask no questions

Since I am afraid of lies

And I fly while time flies

Closer to the fire

The sight was mad

But it looked like magic

And there were no lies in that fire

I admired fire’s beauty

When what everyone else saw was smoke

The smell of gas sent me to ecstasy

The crackle of the fire was a beloved symphony

Getting closer, the heat is touching me

My skin is shouting no and my heart

Is begging me to stop

But my mind wants to make the fire last

Until it can burn my past

And wow this was a story about lust

“Once upon a time

A girl had a love affair with fire”

Got distracted again

Is like a never ending game

But now I know what I wanted to say

Life is made of plenty of roads

With a lot of obstacles

Fear is just in your head

Please don’t get distracted!


Stay home

Things fall apart, everything screams don’t walk more, stay home.Today I had to go to class and I had this feeling from when I woke up that maybe I should stay home. I shook it off and went on with my day. The time to study came and every cell of me asked to do something anything else, and I didn’t understand why since it was a subject I usually enjoy. I ended up just reading. I left at the perfect time but felt like I had forgotten something home. So I went back home. I feed my rabbit which was what I had forgotten. And again that feeling to stay home hit me, but harder. I ignored it and went on with my day and my purse fell then a bus came right when I got in the station a bus that could take me home. I walked past it. I reached the metro station , had to meet with some friends and something told me not to get on that metro so I didn’t and now I am late. Everything is begging me to stay home and I am wondering if I should give in or continue to ignore. Is this the angel protecting me or my demons wanting me to be sad?

Dear you,dear me,poetry

I hope you had a great day and if you didn’t that you know how strong you are and that I am here for you no matter what,because I want all of you to live your best lives.I am sure at some point you felt like you didn’t know who you were anymore or felt you weren’t anything special, you felt like you lost your identity or even worse that you didn’t have one to begin with. I can assure that is so not true.I wrote this poem for when I’d feel I’ve lost myself so I can have something to hold onto when I’d have lost everything I knew about me. I hope you will like it ^^

Dear the girl

Who never thinks she is good enough

Who always has to act tough

That girl who has always been supposed to do what’s right

Who’s so afraid to fight

For her dreams and beliefs

To the warrior that went through all of the apocalypses

To the actress that pulled off so many faces

To the magician that made all of her problems disappear

So they won’t have to see her tear

To her confidence she just gain

That sometimes ends up causing her pain

To her smile and laughs she always covers with a hand

To her late night talks she doesn’t regret

To her feelings she can never forget

To that heart that others miss

To those lips some would love to kiss

To her words that people turn in lies

To her beautiful changing eyes

Dear weird,complicated and too much girl

Who can’t make all the heads turn

For her highness since she is so tall

For her finest taste in all

To the girl who can’t wear heals

To that girl you surely missed

To the hurricane of thoughts and dreams

To the girl that lives in jeans

New to makeup new to drinks

Dear everything she cannot see

Dear you,dear me.

Dear all,

I wish you the best and to never lose yourself

And remember:

Light your matches,


Lighting the matches of my story


Well…Hey there!I am new to this like a baby is to speaking but I hope that with my posts I could help at least one person a month feel like there is someone out there that understands them.I am writing to cure my scars and I would love if it could help you too.I don’t really want to say my name I chose a pseudonym though “Fire”.

I have recently started listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and while I was listening to one of their songs(I could die for you) I got the idea of starting this blog.I like talking about me I don’t feel the need to hide that but as much as this blog is about my story it’s not for me but for anyone that ever felt like they were alone,weren’t enough or too much,for people that felt they lost control,that lost themselves and that sometimes just need to see that they are not the only ones going through hard times and that they are strong and can deal with anything and that they are understood and that even when you are really down like I was you can get up start again and burn brighter than before!

Shut your storm inside your brain,read the words of my soul’s flame.Let’s burn together

 Just like a slow dance on Stadium Arcadium

Like getting to know an alien

Just like dancing on the beach while singing She is only 18

Being always happy sounds magical but it’s just a dream

I could have lied and tell myself it’s possible

But there is no going back to where I put my trust in stories

I am unrecognizable

I got drowned in worries

So I write those poems day and night

It’s the only way I can fight

The voices that scream inside my head

That I am not worth listening

So if they don’t want to hear me talk

To read my words they might want

So here is the story from the matches to the spark to the ashes

My story,Fire’s story


Light your matches,